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Doggy Daycare in Rapids City, SD

Our Doggy Daycare Services begin with a one-time Temperament Test for your Dog for just $25

Nobody wants to ensure your dog’s well-being more than the friendly and caring staff at 4 Paws Grooming and Day Care. Our Temperament Test is designed to ensure your dog is comfortable and happy around our staff and our fellow furry friends.

We will test your dog’s behavior by first picking your dog up and giving your dog numerous pets to guarantee your dog’s comfortability.

We will gradually introduce your dog to the other animals in our Daycare program by introducing your dog to each animal one at a time until your pet is comfortable and ready for the day!

We offer inside and outside play areas (outside play areas depend on the weather). Toys are provided. You never have to worry about your dog being left alone as all pets are under supervision of our staff at all times!

Beds are also available for any dogs that might want to take an afternoon nap!

Monday – Friday
7:30am – 5:30pm


Day Pass

Half Pass (3 hours or less)

Paws Saving Pass
5-Day Pass – $16/Day
10-Day Pass – $15/day
30-Day Pass – $12/day


4 Paws Grooming and Day Care also offer Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service. Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services are By Appointment Only.

Purchase 4 pick-up/drop-off services and receive your 5th pick-up/drop-off FREE!

*Your dog or cat must have the following vaccinations before we can treat or board:

  • Rabies (every two years)
  • DHLPP (Once a year)
  • Bordatella (Every six months)

For more information on our Doggy Daycare Services, call 4 Paws Grooming today at