Doggie Daycare

Nobody wants to ensure your dog’s well-being more than the friendly and caring staff at 4 Paws Grooming and Doggie Daycare.

Our Doggie Daycare services begin with a one-time temperament test for your dog. Our test is designed to ensure your dog is comfortable and happy around our staff and our fellow furry friends.

  • We will test your dog’s behavior by first picking your dog up and giving your dog numerous pets to guarantee your dog’s comfortability.
  • Over time we will gradually introduce your dog to the other animals in our daycare program by introducing your dog to each animal one at a time until your pet is comfortable and ready for the day!
  • Inside and outside play areas are offered. Outside play areas will depend on the weather. Beds and toys are also available for all dogs.
  • You never have to worry about your dog being left alone as all pets are under supervision of our staff at all times.


  • 5 Day Pass – $16.00 Per Day
  • 10 Day Pass – $15.00 Per Day
  • 30 Day Pass – $12.00 Per Day
  • Half Pass: $15.00 Per Day
  • Full Day: $20.00 Per Day

(Pick-Up: $10, Drop-Off: $10, Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service: $15)


Doggie Daycare hours are Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 6:00PM. We are closed both Saturday and Sunday.


  • We require current shot records for all Grooming and day care appointments.
  • Dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper/Parvovirus.
  • Cats must be current on Rabies, Feline Panleukopenia and Feline Calicivirus.
  • Your animal must bespayed if female & neutered if male to be eligible for daycare.